3 Reasons Why Transcendental Meditation is Essential in Modern Times

Transcendental Meditation- don’t let the title throw you off. The method followed in this exercise of mindfulness is effortless and natural.

No calisthenics, esoteric hocus-pocus, or long hiatus to India. One can reap the benefits just by sitting quietly for a mere twenty minutes with a mantra of one’s choosing that resonates with the deeper consciousness and just be. Uncomplicated and undemanding as it is, Transcendental Meditation calls for a fine initiation, without which there will always be a risk for you to get distracted and confused. Therefore, it all must come from a teacher, someone who has been on the path himself.

The Method: The meditation process revolves around a mantra or a Sanskrit word with a reverberating quality. Entering this vibratory field draws the mind into a deep calm and this calmness further manifests positively in physical health.

In guided transcendental meditation, the teacher has an important role. That is to initiate the unpracticed mind to non-thinking, to be silent, and be completely devoid of changing emotions by introducing the mantra, ascertaining a period of meditation, and explaining the benefits to come. When such a state is reached, the mind is understood to have ‘transcended’. Then comes a state of pure consciousness in which the meditator can find perfect order, stability, and peace without any mental limitations whatsoever.

Especially in the context of modern life when the going is fast, competitive, and often excessively demanding, Transcendental Meditation becomes a window of peace. Here are some of its undeniable benefits-

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

It’s a scientific truth that meditation controls anxiety at a neural level. ‘Stress management’ or anxiety control is the mechanism of regulating our emotional response to perceived threats, and this is done by tapping into those areas of the brain that are responsible for anxiety responses. While the anxiety-inducing auto-response to a challenging situation is fight-or-flight, a TM initiated cognitive function is different. Subjects who meditate are found to be less reactive to stressful situations and more focused on problem-solving.

Incorporation of Transcendental Meditation in corporate spaces anxiety is common, thus can do wonders for an individual, as well as collective level.

Optimal Untroubled Sleep

Sleep deficiency relates directly to low work performances, relationship problems, and mood and behavioral disorders like depression and anger. In most cases, insomnia stems from a continued struggle of beating stress.

The critic inside one’s head is constantly at it, questioning every situation and each step taken by the individual. Stress and subsequent sleep disorder will continue as long as this voice is not silenced.

Ask your teacher how to do Transcendental Meditation before sleep to invoke peace. Centering the mind on a mantra will help other thoughts dissolve and with continued practice, TM will reach you to that perfect mind-plane where there is only pure consciousness. Sleep will then be timely and restful

More Sense of Clarity and Productivity

With just 20 minutes of Transcendental Meditation into your daily schedule, your brain will be wired to feel just good and impeccably functional at all times. Concentration will be effortless at work with that rare quality of enjoyment coming as you get things done.

The premise of TM, as it is with yoga or other branches of Vedic practices, is that the individual is an infinite reservoir of energy, and one only has to look within to be immensely powerful.

Shruti Singh

Shruti Singh is a creative writer, a blogger and a yoga enthusiast. She has been practicing yoga since a few years now. And she has not looked back ever since. She claims that yoga has spiritually inspired her. And, she wishes to inspire others by sharing her thoughts and insights on it.

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