9 Yoga Poses for Couples: Partner Yoga Poses

The blog aspires to talk about nine incredible Yoga poses for couples to increase bonding between the partners.

How beautiful to wish your darling on her birthday in the language of Yoga! A relationship is like Meditation, forgetting everything and falling in love with your soul that certainly belongs to your dream woman or man. Making love is like practicing Yoga, joining each other’s breaths and heart. Yoga is a sacred practice and so is love. So, why not enjoy the delight of Yoga and boost your bond with couple Yoga poses?

Well, here are some of the beautiful yoga poses for couples that should be practiced together in order to boost your attachment and personal health.

Sukhasana: The pleasing pose

‘Sukh’ and ‘asana’ makes the word, Sukhasana. Sukh, the feeling of being delighted is the basis of an awesome togetherness. Sukh is what every couple demands between them. Why not feel this beauty in a Yoga practice? The easy sitting pose will give both of you a sensation of extreme relaxation and a reason to think about each other, amidst your busy schedules. Sit in a cross-legged position facing each-other or in opposite direction with the backs in contact to connect with your partners’ heart and soul.

Anuvittasana (Assisted backbend)

Yoga becomes a game when practiced with the person you love the most. Anuvittasana is probably the best exercise that can be practiced between two people in love. Stand straight facing each other on the backside. Hook your elbows and bend in forward direction carrying the weight of your partner on the back. Tell your partner to repeat this on her side. This interesting Yoga practice will surely assist you in understanding each other and give rise to a sense of responsibility of love.

Pranayama: breathing together

The breathing beauty Pranayama has been serving human generations since time immemorial. One of the best Yoga practices for blood circulation and body health is going to help you in carrying each other’s prana in your bodies. When you breathe together, you connect your feelings, inhale the same air and feel the same energy. Listen to the sound of your souls, while falling in the zone of extreme silence during the practice of Pranayama.

Couple’s Savasana

Sleeping is the best relaxation. Connecting with the earth’s energy is the best way to keep yourself present at the moment. Enhance your bonding with each other’s pleasure and learn to forget all those negative moments happening between the two with the practice of Shavasana. Wake up in the morning to release all the stressful thoughts while lying on the Yoga mat beside your partner. Join your hands to remain connected and transfer the love you have for your better half.

Natarajasana for Nurturing your Love

Natarajasana is the pose of Lord Shiva, the God of power. Practicing this powerful pose Natarajasana is a great way to understand the needs and demands of your lover. The standing partner Yoga pose is practiced on one leg with the other foot in the air held by a hand and the other hand is in the straight direction parallel to the ground. While practicing this asana together, join your palms in the cross-finger pose to feel the love between your souls. It is an awesome practice for fostering your intimation.

Urdhva Dhanurasana

Urdhva Dhanurasana is also known as Chakrasana because of the shape of the body imitating a Chakra (Circle). It is one of the finest couple Yoga poses. While the normal exercise is practiced on the ground, this should be best practiced with your base on the sole of your partner and the shoulder held by his hand. The person on the mat should be lying with complete attention and taking proper care of the alignment. This practice is a little difficult but is all about trust. It lets you instill faith in your love and bonding along with boosting the strength of your muscles.

Temple Yoga Game

Temple is a sacred place of worship and there cannot be a better way to worship than praying for the wellbeing of the person, who loves you the most. With the help of two of the greatest temples, each other’s body, create a single church of love. Standing in front of each other, bent forward till the body comes parallel to the ground. Keep your knees unbend and join your hands to make a conical shape concentrating in the eyes of your partner with this amazing two person Yoga pose.

Seated Spinal Twist

Sit in the cross-legged position facing in the opposite direction and relaxing. Bring your left hand to hold the right toe of your beloved and tell her to do the same on the other side. Repeat this at least 5-6 times on either side. This is a great stretching exercise that is extremely beneficial for the health of your backbone and thighs muscles. In addition, it will nurture a fantastic togetherness between two partners. Give an amazing twist to your relationship while indulging in Seated Spinal Twist.

Navasana: Boating Together Pose

Life is like a boat, which everyone has to take towards the edge smoothly. A partner is like a fellow sailor with whom you will be making a journey in this boat. Let this boating game continue in Yoga to improve your connection and health. Join your soles in the air while in Boat pose and hold each other’s hand to promise not to leave in the journey of life. The practice is helpful in stretching your thighs and strengthening your arms as well.

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