A Beginner’s (Short) Guide to Effective Meditation

In case you were looking for a handy manual to help you guide through the path to enlightenment (and some lesser yet essential perks that include a healthy body and a sound mind), here’s something for the grab – meditation. Follow these simple techniques and find yourself pure, unadulterated bliss plus a no-expense-incurred way to lessen the chance of frequenting your doc’s chamber. Yes, meditation works at the deepest level of our being, and builds a defence mechanism that is effective in amazingly diverse ways – right from fighting depression to maintaining a stable BMR, that helps you stay immune from most diseases in the most ‘organic’ of ways. And the great news is that all you need to have access to are your own body and mind in this business – no more equipments, drugs or any sort of external support. So how to meditate correctly, and in a proper way, so as to elicit all the benefits that this handy doc has in offer? Well, let’s get to that in the following sections.

First Things First

How to meditate?” is the question that one first encounters after making up their mind on harnessing the endless positive results of meditation. There are several ways by which one can have a focused mind – which is the key trick to all meditation techniques that mankind has been able to develop so far. Let’s find out the basic rules to go by:

  • Find a peaceful corner where you least expect to get distracted
  • Sit or lie down (on a yoga mat/simple cloth mat; you may even consider investing in a meditation chair these days) in the manner that you find most comfortable
  • So far so good. And now is the time to decide upon your technique.

Simply put, there are three broad techniques that can used to make the most of meditational sessions. All three are highly effective, leading to the same results, but differ in their approaches in focusing the energy of the mind. In the next section, these are briefly elaborated:

  1. First close your eyes, and then keep breathing normally. Try to focus on the act of breathing. Draw all your attention to how breathing takes place – follow how your respiratory system inhales air, and then exhales. Be aware of the rhythm in which inhalation and exhalation takes place. Try this for 3 minutes for a start, and gradually increase the duration as you gather more and more confidence with being focused for longer durations of time. For those who have been searching the answer to the question “how to meditate correctly”, this will do the trick.
  1. Follow the same process as above; except that in this method, you may focus all the energy of your mind on a sacred symbol of your choice. If you are of the religious kind, pick up the symbol according to your faith and beliefs – a symbol that inspires good thoughts and positive inspiration in your mind. This results not only in a sharp mind, but also addresses how to relieve stress.
  1. This one is for those who are more interested not only in health benefits, but in a spiritual progress in the true sense of the term. To follow this method, just close your eyes, sit or lie down in the posture that is most comfortable for you, and then let your thoughts run amok. Do not even try to shut any thought out, simply be aware of the random thoughts coming and going, as a wave comes and goes back on the shores. Observe the coming and going, and try to think of yourself as just an observer. This will gradually show you, that you are not the mind, not the body, not the thoughts themselves, but a conscious observer. That’s what who you are; and when this realization dawns on you slowly, voila! There you are on the path of a truly spiritual realization.

This should take care of many of your questions regarding meditation and how to meditate to relieve stress. Feel free to improvise by putting on meditation music such as devotional chants and devotional ragas (try avoiding the playful ones!) to build up the right ambience. So get your mindfulness gears on and take a dip into the ocean of pure consciousness.

Om Shantih Shantih Shantihi!


Aditi Roy

Aditi Roy, a travel blogger and a yoga enthusiast, has been practicing yoga and meditation and blogging about her experience for the last 3 years. During her time with the school, she has had the opportunity to attend some amazing and life-changing retreats and yoga sessions. At present, she sits in her comfortable room, practices yoga and meditation, reads, and writes about the various things she is learning during her journey.

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