Breathe. Balance. Stretch. Create. Observe. Wake up


I feel honoured to have this opportunity to share my experience from my time here in Rishikesh and offer you a taste of the soup, that which I have learnt and tasted during my time at Rishikul Yogshala.

The Breath:


Deep Inhalation, the spirit and the energy of the beautiful Rishikesh air. Breath is life. From the day we are welcomed into the world with love in our eyes to the day we merge back into divine as love in the eyes of those we have touched, the breath is with us for the whole journey. Focus on the breath. The breath listens to the body, and when we watch it we connect it to the mind. Observe the balance of the breath; equal inhale to equal exhale.



Balance in the postures; chest up belly soft, spine straight, maintain symmetry, firmly grounded to the earth. These characteristics one can use to deepen their practice and maintain a balance in life. When I return to the west to guide those in search of the wealth and spiritual knowledge of yoga, these tools I will take with me.



Stretch the mind, stretch the body. Stretch the ways of the west and the walls it has helped to build in the mind. The signs of karma and past lives have led me back to here and now. It wasn’t an easy journey and I had to stretch, breathe, let go of the attachments I used to define who I was and embrace myself as an expression of paramatman

Create Space:


Create the space within the body to breathe, inhale and elongate the spine. Reach up from the crown of the head and with a straight back move forward into the space and exhale. Like pressure in the mind, when a curve comes to the spine inhale again, chest up and stretch out.

Observe the space:


Observe the stretch. Observe the breath. Observe the observer. See the balance with the mind.

If the eyes are open the mind can see.

That which exists outside the mind also exists inside the mind, when we become conscious of something outside ourselves we are aligned to see that which is already inside our mind. I invite each observer here and now to see the dust in your mind. Breathe into the pain, hurt, judgement, attachment and stretch. Stretch within to find the balance and create the space for positive change. See God/love in the heart of everything, it sleeps in rocks, it breathes in plants, it moves in animals and it expresses itself in humans. Breathe the dust aside and focus. Chest up shoulders back use discipline.

I once believed that discipline was something that would be taught to me, with the wisdoms of my smiling teachers I see it is not. Discipline is in the mind. To be there. Observe myself when I am wrong and correct it. Discipline to be sensitive to the safety of you, sensitive to the safety of this body and more importantly equally of the safety to all creatures: Ahimsa.

Sit with this thought. Sit in a comfortable position. Steady your breath, observe your breath and be there. Watch this thought of discipline, right knowledge, right practice, meditate. Don’t attach to the thought just observe it. Let it amplify as you connect to your breath and gaze to your third eye. Enjoy the sensation of balance emanating through your practice out into the world reflecting back at you. Bringing your awareness back to your body. Feel it in your toes, in your fingers, feel it as you sit up straight.

Now wake up:

Now wake up to the spirit within you.

Though my time in Rishikesh is short, I know my journey is long. The teachers at Rishikul Yogshala have given me insight and led me to the path of right knowledge and packed my bag with the tools I need to continue my search and go deeper, inspire and touch the hearts of many. What I learned today guides me to know how I can prepare for tomorrow.

Hari Om

Aditi Roy

Aditi Roy, a travel blogger and a yoga enthusiast, has been practicing yoga and meditation and blogging about her experience for the last 3 years. During her time with the school, she has had the opportunity to attend some amazing and life-changing retreats and yoga sessions. At present, she sits in her comfortable room, practices yoga and meditation, reads, and writes about the various things she is learning during her journey.

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