First Classes as a New Yoga Teacher

That’s it! You just got your Yoga Instructor Certificate after spending months or/and years learning, studying, practicing…You can finally spread the universal love, the love of yoga, your knowledge, your wisdom to the world and live the life you always wanted. Well done and welcome to the Yoga Teachers World!!

You will discover over the time the ups and downs of this new life. However, even the down sides of this life are still up sides for me, because it brings you new challenges, and new learning experiences in your yoga and yoga teacher journeys.

But let’s go back to the beginning of this new stage…

You might be super excited and you might want to start teaching straight away or maybe you would prefer to take some time to digest this new life changes. I was the one who wanted to start teaching as soon as I got certified. I taught to my friends, to communities and offering free yoga gigs in some public places. Actually, my first ever yoga student and yoga teaching guinea pig, was my boyfriend at that time, thanks to him he was already a yoga practitioner!!

I did countless unpaid group yoga classes, “donation based” classes, and I gave free private sessions to yoga newbies. It can be tiring physically and emotionally at some point but you need to practice your skills, to understand who you are as a teacher, and to feel confident as a teacher. I do think that practice makes “perfect” and it is also a great way to get to know your community, your tribe, and your future students.

All these classes gave me the opportunity to learn from my “mistakes”, to change and adjust my teaching, to get more and more confidence to teach in front of a large group of students, to market myself to get students to come to my classes and to push myself to be out there.

This could be very scary at first, you might feel that you need more time to get this confidence…but how can you ever feel confident if you don’t ever start? trust me, mantras alone, won’t be enough!!

Don’t get me wrong, if you think I wasn’t scared at my first classes!! I was super nervous to forget the sequences that I have prepared for my class, not to be able to remember all the Sanskrit names and to confuse myself with the right and left. I was thinking: “ How on earth I am going to do the sequences, explaining orally how to get in and out of the poses, looking at each student, adjusting them, all together at the same time???”

But I just did it, I jumped into the pool, and the class was just amazing. I prepared my classes and my sequences beforehand. I knew what I wanted to work on and I wrote down everything on a paper to give to myself a bit of freedom during the class.

I was rehearsing the sequences, re-re-re learning the names of the poses in different languages and so, until few hours before the class.

However, few moments before the class itself, I sat in meditation, I chanted some mantras, reconnected to my inner peace and remembered my intention for teaching today. I still do it before every class I teach. In the end of the class, I was so relieved and happy to see smiles and relaxed faces during Savanna and to tell you the truth it is still my favorite moment in every of my yoga classes.

My only advice for you, newly Yoga teachers, is just to fully enjoy what you do, be fully present and be fully yourself, ALWAYS. Students will come in and out of your classes, but these who will stick to you, will only be because of You, for who you are as a being and who you are as a teacher.

OM Nama Shivaya and Namaste to You.
Sandy at “Shanti Yoga by Sandy”

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