Why Power Yoga: 5 Benefits of Amplifying the Energy in Your Regular Yoga Sessions

Yoga—some like it relaxed and slow while others want it hot, vigorous, and through and through dynamic! Power yoga’s for the latter. A form mutated from traditional vinyasa style of ashtanga yoga, this makes a fun ride for those looking to power up their yoga sessions with aerobics-like dynamism. Sequences in power yoga flows from one to another seamlessly without losing the rhythm and no lapse in the breath. In fact, it’s the breath that sets the rhythm, generating heat in the body.

This new form, with a twist of speed on the traditional yoga as we know it, is best known as a weight loss regime. However, the holistic benefits of traditional yoga, relating to the mind, body, and soul, are not lost in this power routine.

So, how would high flowing energy unleashed from this power yoga routine help you reform your mind and body? Let us see:

Flush Out the Toxins

Gross but true, our body is constantly accumulating toxin. Under processed food, environmental pollutants, and harmful chemicals—it all add up to the toxin content in our body and form layer after layer. If not flushed out systematically, accumulated  toxin result in cyst, lipoma, and mild tumor. One of the most non-invasive and natural way to clean up your body from the inside is to power yoga.

The dynamic moves and power body shifts of this discipline are going to push out toxin content stacked in the crannies of your inside. Take to everyday dose of power practice to prevent toxin accumulation with a timely cleanse. If you find yourself sweating profusely, it’s a sign that you are cleansing really well!

Thinning of blood and thus reducing the chance of platelet clotting is another outcome of doing yoga the power way. It is a well understood fact that clotting can lead to fatal heart conditions and this could be prevented by keeping a daily check with yoga.

Develop Posture and Ease Stiff Backs

The way you hold your body is an important indicator of the prana flow in you. Prana or the vital life force is distributed in your body through channels. Intense flow of prana could only be determined through the holding of right posture. The trouble is, falling in the loop of a sedentary lifestyle, many of us often lose the upright poise fitting for health. The result is stiffness in the back, abdominal discomfort, and affected mobility.

Practicing vigorous yoga will correct the postures of sitting, standing, or lying with more vitality, restoring prana. Once you achieve tuning yourself to the fast patterned fluid movements of this routine, stiffness will ebb away gradually. In addition, prana power yoga is going to strengthen your bones, warding off osteoporosis with the same benefits of weight-lifting or aerobics, only in a more sustained and self reliant way.

Lose the Extra Kilos and Tone Up

A few extra kilo gained every now and then may seem harmless and tend to be overlooked but why let your body grow lax when you can keep a check on it with some intensive yoga play? Even a 15-minute fast flowing yoga of the power routine everyday can keep you lean and agile. Core power yoga is actually found to be increasing basic metabolic rate in the practitioner and thus, even when you are not out there doing yoga, the tendency to put on fat remains low.

The routine proves more effective as toning the weight free body does not has to be a separate phase in the exercise. The simple power moves tone up the trimmed areas to shape naturally as you move through the motions of yoga.

Get Quality Sleep

The power movement routine, like any other way of yoga does not come without calming effects. Harmonized by breath with the body, the mind nestles in a peaceful state of being. The practice will facilitate unhindered deep sleep that is restorative and focused. The yoga enhanced mind is full of consciousness even in sleep and this is something every power yogi experiences only few days into practice.

Increase in Concentration and Memory

An improved capability to concentrate and memory is among the most prominent mental benefits of power yoga. Intensive yoga in the power mode is a surefire way to melt away the deep freezes in the brain and clear all the mental blocks.

A brief session of power therapy everyday and you will evolve from your mat a more clear thinking, fit, and fabulous human being!

Shruti Singh

Shruti Singh is a creative writer, a blogger and a yoga enthusiast. She has been practicing yoga since a few years now. And she has not looked back ever since. She claims that yoga has spiritually inspired her. And, she wishes to inspire others by sharing her thoughts and insights on it.

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