Pre-Natal Yoga – The Dos and Don’ts

Going through the various stages of pregnancy is a very beautiful yet also a very delicate experience.  Starting from that motherly glow, the gastronomical appetite, to the physical, as well as the emotional changes, a woman goes a series of transformations and challenges during her pregnancy period.

These transformations are not easy to adapt to. It takes enormous mental effort, physical inclination, overall strength and perseverance of the body to adapt to these changes and to develop well along its course.

To manage these stages well, it is necessary for the mom-to-be to take very good care of herself and the fetus.

A number of pregnant women resort to yoga therapy for keeping their mind and their body healthy during this crucial time span. However, as beneficial as this therapy is, there are certain risks factors associated with it. If these risks are not taken care of then it can endanger the well-being of the mother, as well as the fetus.

For the safety of moms-to-be, let us discuss a few most important Do’s and Don’ts associated with some of the most recommended postures of pre-natal yoga:

Nadi Sodhan Pranayama

Nadi Sodhan Pranayama

Advantages: Releases fatigue, opens all the blockages in your body and for complete relaxation.

Caution: Do not put too much pressure while breathing out as the activity can put strain on the internal organs of your body, especially the abdomen, which in turn shall put strain on the fetus.

Bhramari Pranayama


Advantages: Helps ease anxiety, nervousness and restores the mind’s internal balance.

Caution: Take care not to pull your abdomen too tightly inwards. Keep the abdomen muscle relaxed at all times while performing this Pranayama.

Yog Nidra

Advantages: the most powerful technique to gain an unconscious state of meditation and inner peace. In this pose, the person lies in corpse pose to achieve Vedic sleep and deep relaxation. However, unlike the corpse pose where the person relaxes with their eyes close, while performing Yog Nidra, a person actually falls into a deep meditative sleep.

Caution: Do not lie flat on your back. It is recommended that a pregnant woman should lie on her left side with a pillow beneath her belly to support her fetus and in between her legs to prove maximum comfort.



Advantages: a strong hip and groin opener, stimulates blood supply in the pelvis region and the back.

Caution: Keep your spine aligned at all times. Be aware not to slouch or bend forward as any kind of misalignment or forward bend can lead to a push on the internal organs.



Advantages: Helps in strengthening of spine and opens the hips.

Caution: Do not cross your legs too tightly. Instead keep the legs aligned with each other in a cozy, compatible manner so the posture does not put any stress on lower abdomen.



Advantages: Helps increase stamina in the body and also strengthens the spine.

Caution: Practice this pose by the wall. In case your balance falters, you shall be able to seek the support of the wall. A yoga newbie is advised not to practice this pose without supervision.



Advantages: Helps improve flexibility of the spine, relieves backache and indigestion.

Caution: You are advised not to bend beyond 90 degrees while practicing this pose. Bending beyond this can lead to the fetus weight to pull you down and cause you to lose balance.



Advantages: Strengthens arms and legs.

Caution: This pose must only be practiced by those mum-to-be who are intermediate levels of yogis and have not suffered from any kind of spinal injury or pain before.

The above asanas and pranayamas should be practiced only after the approval of a medical practitioner. If you wish to try a few modifications and variations, then kindly do so in the guidance of a yoga teacher to avoid any complications or risks.

Shruti Singh

Shruti Singh is a creative writer, a blogger and a yoga enthusiast. She has been practicing yoga since a few years now. She has been a student of Rishikul Yogshala where she attended their yoga teaching training program. And she has not looked back ever since. She claims that yoga has spiritually inspired her. And, she wishes to inspire others by sharing her thoughts and insights on it.

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