Spreading the Message of ‘Yoga’ on International Yoga Day 2017

People clad in white, melodious chanting of mantras, all hands joined together in ‘Namaste!’ This was the spirit of 21st June 2017. The day was usual but the date was unique and auspicious. It was not a day to find a new job, or to get a new dress, or to take care of the household chores – it was a day to ditch everything materialistic and be sated in what the ‘being’ had. It was a day to be still and be alive in the moment; it was a day to listen to the sound of body, mind and the voice of the soul.

This unique day was the 3rd International Yoga Daythe day of yoga, the day of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The entire nation soaked in the eternal spirit of yoga, it was a day when people from all over the globe assembled as one. Unbarred by ethnicity, religion, age, sex or creed – these people were identified as one spirit – the spirit of yoga.

This day marked the time when every yogic soul came together to spread the message of yoga and well-being across the entire globe as one being. With the commencement of International Yoga Day Celebrations—the nation that is divided into several states, people, languages, became finally united as a symbol of health and well-being.

At the crack of dawn, the International Yoga Day 2017 celebrations commenced in every part of the country — with the Common Yoga Protocol as announced by AYUSH (Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homepathy). This was the duration when the entire nation joined and bowed to the learning, practice and understanding of the majestic science of yoga. This was a promise made to oneself – to live a better, healthier and a more peaceful life, to remain detached from materialistic externalities and to brace natural beauty of life as it is.

The spirit and celebration of yoga was especially evident in the yoga capital of the world, the homeland of yoga – the spiritual town of Rishikesh. On this holy day, the yoga capital entertained huge masses of crowd, yoga enthusiasts, yoga and meditation gurus, spiritualists from all over the globe. The town also celebrated the launch of first ever International Yoga Awards, organized by Rishikul Foundation, in association with Rishikul Yogshala and GMV Yoga Pvt. Ltd. It further witnessed multi-domestic cultural performances, exclusive yoga sessions, and workshops on Ayurveda, yoga and meditation –in lieu of this day and celebrated the spirit of International Yoga Day with audacity and poise.

Apart from Rishikesh, Karnataka was the next destination where International Yoga Day 2017 left a memorable shadow behind. Eminent personalities, yogis, spiritualists from all over the globe participated in the celebration of yoga day and paid their tribute to the divine art form of yoga.

This was a nation linked by one language – the language of yoga asanas, pranayamas, the language of silence and meditation. Being the 3rd International Yoga Day, it was celebrated with much more enthusiasm and support from people as more and more number of people; yogis became aware of its existence and the cause it carries.

This year marked the beginning of a much more transformed journey – a road towards healthier and more peaceful future.

Shruti Singh

Shruti Singh is a creative writer, a blogger and a yoga enthusiast. She has been practicing yoga since a few years now. And she has not looked back ever since. She claims that yoga has spiritually inspired her. And, she wishes to inspire others by sharing her thoughts and insights on it.

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