Why Take up Yoga Retreats in India?

Yoga translates to the union of body, mind, and soul. Nurturing and uniting all three of them into one pack, the art form allows its practitioners to enjoy the benefits of good health, relaxed mind and a healthy body. A customizable art form, people find respite in the science of wellness by taking it up based on their understanding. Whether it is a 200 hour teacher training course or a yoga and meditation retreats, one can chose a course based on the time available at hand. Indian subcontinent is a home to genuine and expert teachers who conduct regular yoga retreats in India. If one does not have enough time at hand for a yoga teacher training course, they can also opt of a yoga and meditation retreats.

Here is why India is a good resort for meditation and yoga retreats.

Learned Yogis and Gurus

The art of wellness- yoga was born in India and has been an art form close to the hearts of Indians. From a young age, children are taught yogic science by way of small lessons of life. Indian teachers are the most connected teachers to the art form. During the yoga retreats in India, the practitioners can unwind with learned yogis and gurus and be assured that they are in the right hands. Also, the experiences of the Indian teachers that they bring to their classes of Ashtanga, Hatha or Kundalini yoga is truly transforming.

Cultural support

This art of wellness is not just about physical postures rather it reflects through one’s behavior and attitude towards life. A yoga and meditation retreat in India will allow the students to experience the true lifestyle and simplicity that is being asked of the students in the yogic studies. The rituals, the traditions and the customs like fire ceremony, ayurvedic science, living with the basics come to life in India.

Conducive Environment

An extension to the above point, yoga retreats in India are easier because of the environment is supportive and encouraging. The peace and simplicity required for practicing meditation and pranayama during a yoga and meditation retreat, India comes as perfect fit. The attitude of surrender and let go can be seen in the smallest corner of country especially in towns like Rishikesh, Pushkar, Varanasi, Kerala, Khajuraho etc.

Affordable Holidays

India can be a cheap holiday option for many people around the globe. A yoga and meditation retreat, which might cost too much somewhere else in the world, can come at a small cost here. Learning from the best teachers in encouraging environment at bare minimum cost, a yoga retreat in India can be the perfect holiday plan to relax, rejuvenate and recharge for anyone.

There are plenty of reasons for one to come and be a part of green community in India. The beautiful landscapes, the scenic beauty and the amazing oriental food are of the other reasons why we should consider traveling, yoga and meditation in this part of the world in comparison to any other.

Aditi Roy

Aditi Roy, a travel blogger and a yoga enthusiast, has been practicing yoga and meditation and blogging about her experience for the last 3 years. During her time with the school, she has had the opportunity to attend some amazing and life-changing retreats and yoga sessions. At present, she sits in her comfortable room, practices yoga and meditation, reads, and writes about the various things she is learning during her journey.

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