Things You Don’t Know About Meditation

You might know about how to do meditation, how to sit correctly on a meditation posture and whole lot of things about it,but what if I tell you meditation is not actually what you think of. Let me put a short story to explain about what meditation is not.

A few thousand years ago, there was a living in a remote island somewhere in Asia. No one in the tribe had ever come outside of that island. Once a traveler, a businessman lost his way and ended up landing on that island. Upon reaching there, he was stunned to see the people covered in banana leaves. Similarly, the people of the tribe were also surprised to see a person who was dressed up so differently. They did not know such people existed. They thought the merchant might have come from the place of the God and so the chief of the tribe hosted the merchant with various foods. But the merchant was taken aback when he tasted the food. It is the salt that is missing from the food. He kept asking for salt; but no one from the tribe had understood what he was looking for as they had never known anything called salt. Not knowing what to do, the merchant thought it was best not to press them for salt. Anyway, he enjoyed their hospitality and while departing he extended an invitation to the chief. He promised that he would send someone to travel with the chief.

Few months went back, one day people from the merchant’s place arrived at that island and took the chief to their place. Upon arrival of the chief, the merchant readily hugged him and greeted him with flowers. He was served with finest wines. But the real surprise, came when he tasted the meal. He burst with joy after tasting the food because there was something special about that food. The food looked similar, smelt the same but the taste he got in that is million times better than what he used to eat in his island. Not knowing what to do, the merchant took him in a tour to his kitchen where he checked and tasted each ingredient, every spice one by one.

When he got to salt and tasted it, he felt like the Columbus. It was the Eureka moment for him. He jumped with joy and hugged the merchant. “This is the taste I was looking for. What it is my friend?” the chief asked the merchant. “It is called salt”, the merchant replied calmly.

The chief then thought, if a teaspoon of salt can make a food so much tasty, what a bowlful of salt would do. The merchant warned him not do so but ignoring his warning the chief put the whole bowlful of salt into his mouth only to spit a moment later, crying for water.

Then the merchant calmly explained to him that salt is used only to enhance the taste of the food, it is not the food in itself.

What is Not Meditation?

things in meditation

Similarly, meditation is not the meal, its is an ingredient that is designed to accentuate the taste of the meal called life. It can’t replace life, it can’t be your life. On the other hand, it needs to be taken in the correct quantity so you may enjoy your life.

Meditation is a way of life. Meditation is not answer to everything. It cannot help you regain lost love. Even when you are in supreme bliss, it does not mean that your stock or real state investment won’t go south, or that you will never meet with an accident or that your partner will never cheat on you.

All of these things can still happen. What it will do to you is give you the grace and mindfulness to ease through life. If you have a difficult boss, your meditation will not change their nature, not directly anyway. It is your personal journey, an intimate one. It is only about you and no one else.

So What Exactly Meditation Is?

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In the first stage, meditation is an act. You sit down and you train your mind to behave and be a certain way. It requires discipline and determination.

Once you champion the art of meditation, you get to the second stage where it becomes your second nature. A sort of effortlessness arises in your meditation and slowly it becomes a part of you.

In the third stage, meditation becomes a state of your mind. You no longer do meditation, you are in meditation. A state of bliss that remains unperturbed under most circumstances. A sense arises naturally for the welfare of others.

The final stage of meditation is liberation. Liberation from false beliefs, undesirable thoughts. It is freedom from guilt, jealousy, hatred, ego, and pride. Meditation is the music of soul that plays on effortlessly once you tread this path.

Doing No-Thing is Meditation

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Meditation is the art of doing nothing. You don’t have to get anywhere. You simply have to be in the present moment. It takes a great deal of practice to teach your mind to be alert and yet do nothing.

In that moment, that moment when your mind is doing nothing and you are perfectly aware of it, gushes forth the foundation of bliss.

Away from the burdens of the world, meditation is not about reaching anywhere, meditation is about knowing and feeling that you are complete, perfect, and whole.

The struggle to be somebody, the race to be something or be like somebody ends right in that quiet moment.

Meditation means to be in a state where you are neither the body nor the mind because body and mind are the things you gathered from outside world over a period of time- Sadhguru.


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