Top 4 Common Yoga Mistakes During Yoga Practice – Beginners Guide

We all have heard several definitions of the science of yoga. To some, it is a physical practice of postures to make the body healthy while many believe that the art of yoga is a practice deeply rooted in spirituality for establishing mental goals. At the core, the word Yoga means “union” – a unification of the body and mind both.

Yogis confirm that when the practitioners experience unity in consciousness then they are in Yoga. To attain this balance, there are a number of ways: Yoga postures, Pranayama, Meditation, Mudra, Shatkriya practices, and so much more. However, many yoga sadhaks resort to wrongful methods of practicing the yoga postures, commit errors, do not follow the yoga schedule justly that impedes them from benefiting from the science of yoga holistically.

Here is a compilation of four common yoga mistakes that the beginners most likely make and how to practice Yoga right by avoiding these:

  1. Postural Misalignment: One of the first common yoga mistakes beginners commit is not respected their own body needs and requirements. Pushing to extreme boundaries during the performance of yoga postures not only increases the risk of getting injured but also diminishes one’s overall growth as a yoga practitioner. Secondly, the specific alignment of hands and feet in each yoga posture is significant of poise, strength, and health. If done properly, only then the practitioners can gain robustness, flexibility, better immunity, etc. Therefore, it is crucial for the individuals to learn the correct alignment, specific modifications, and variations of the yoga pose so that they don’t have to face postural problems.
  2. Improper Breathing: The breath is often secluded by many when it comes to yoga practices. Hardly do they know that the breath is one of the core elements of yogic science. Breath is necessary for smooth transitions, detoxification, and mental equanimity during the practice of Yoga and Meditation. Focusing on the breath is a great way to connect with the body and to live in the present moment. Also, pranayama exercises like Kapalbhati, Anulom-Vilom, Ujjayi, etc., confers the practitioners with multiple health benefits. So, keep breathing during the practice of yoga postures and incorporate some breathing exercises into your yoga routine.
  3. Neglect the Philosophical Side of Yoga: The ancient yogis did not view yoga only as a therapeutic modality but emphasized that improvement in health is a key to spiritual development. The stories reveal a different side, many yoga practitioners solely focus on the physical aspect of yoga (postures) and completely neglect the psychical and spiritual side of yoga. Understanding the philosophy of yoga is as crucial as the practice of yoga postures, yogic breathing techniques, etc. The philosophical guidelines offer the wisdom of living a meaningful and purposeful life. Also, the limb of Ahimsa is the foundation of yoga and yoga therapy.
  4. Inattentive to Yogic Diet: Many yoga practitioners fail to realize that Vedic diet is an integral part of the yogic practices. Much of the yogic food prescriptions come from the Yamas and Niyamas of Patanjali Yoga Sutras. A strict adherence to the sattvic diet along with regular yoga practices improves energy levels, mood, and overall wellbeing.

Avoid these yoga mistakes to sustain practice for years to come. Respect the science and it shall pamper you to the core.

Ridhi Jain

Ridhi Jain, a bachelor in Mass Communication and Yogi at heart, has always been fascinated by the power of Yoga and its ability to influence others positively. Following her true calling and love for writing, she stepped into the arena of Yoga and Spirituality writing since she graduated and has been diligently sharing her thoughts and knowledge on these sciences ever since. Being an avid follower of the ancient science of Yoga, she strives to inspire millions to imbibe and adopt Yoga. One the path of reading, learning, and writing about yoga there has been no looking back as she continues to deepen her passion for the yogic science.

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