The Ultimate Guide to Energy Healing

You are in a room. Bare white walls and curtains were drawn. Cobwebs have grown over the furniture.

Sheer abandonment emanates here from all around.

Another home, another room.

The Irises of Monet and Van Gogh adorn the walls. A window of light opens to a Feng Shui Koi Pond out in the garden.

Here, the air is crisp with merriment.

Energy is undeniably everywhere. At varying degrees and different qualities. Our physical bodies too, are not outside this pervasive energy field. We are constantly drawing from the Earth for vital life force and thus connecting with the greater universal framework of dynamic and vigorous energy exuberance. The embodiment and exchange of energies become conscious when we discipline ourselves thus, and this discipline is ‘yoga’.

Energy and Psychodynamics of the Subtle-body

Among other great benefits of yoga practice, it teaches the individual how to stay unaffected even in the face of extremities. In terms of energy, it means, your energy would be as you choose and cannot be overpowered or infiltrated. The psychodynamics of an individual often relates in detail to something recognized as the “subtle body”. This is the framework of energies underlying physicality, the one that is addressed in the therapeutic modalities of subtle body healing. The more aware you become of your subtle body configuration, more will be your capacity to connect to your inner self and thus establish mastery over mind-body action which you previously found outside your grasp.

In advanced yoga teacher training in India, you could be introduced to the various methods of addressing subtle body energy functions and how healing can be activated through the subtle body realm. From Chakra Healing to Intuitive Counseling, there are many ways to unveil one’s deeper layers within. Commonly considered alternative but fast gaining scientific currency, these modalities of healing could help you immensely in finding health and balance.

Here are Energy Healing modalities you should know about—



It’s different coinage for the same element. At yoga teacher training programs in India, you will be introduced to the concept of prana– which is the universal life flow channeling through the human body in the form of breath. In the Japanese technique of Reiki, the principle relies on a life energy, unseen and intangible which could be moved with a touch or near-touch by a practiced Reiki master. The prana that we understand through yoga is ki in this technique.

When the ki is dipping, one feels low, when running high, we have a lively, clear-thinking disposition with calm nerves. Overall health is then a natural outcome. To have this technique coming into fruition, you must believe in energy within and around and put your trust upon the master who is to act as a conduit, passing on the higher energy as they trace their hands with touch or near-touch upon your body.



The acupuncture technique of needle insertion along the energy meridians originated in the Chinese medicinal system is a few thousand years old. This relies upon energy flow patterns or Qi which must be continuous for the body-mind contingent to be in proper health. A disrupted flow can be the cause of health degradation.

Acupuncture has proved effective in many cases of chronic pain of the back, neck, and premenstrual cramps. Also, the practice now could be sufficiently backed with science.



Aromatherapy takes effect through olfactory nerves connecting to the brain. Essential oils extracted from herbaria are vaporized, sprayed, or infused in steam baths to fill the receiver with a sense of calm and pleasantness. Conditions of pain, depression, or anxiety evidently melt away as the pleasantness seeps through, activating the subtle energy body, and all so set-in quite immediately!

Try them one by one, to uplift and heal—

  • chamomile to soothe the nerves
  • lavender to nurture emotions
  • cedarwood to strengthen
  • ginger for passion
  • black pepper to release blocked energy

and there’s more in the box.

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing

Yoga souls know all there is to Kundalini. The idea of Kundalini is based upon the seven consecutive chakras or energy centers in the body. While prana serpents through the midline of these energy centers, on a passage of each, it relates intricately to a key human need.  At a 200 hour YTTC, practitioners will become familiar chakra potentiality and understand how to release its blockages and become more expressive and smoothly functional.

May you find power in your subtle energy body!

Shruti Singh

Shruti Singh is a creative writer, a blogger and a yoga enthusiast. She has been practicing yoga since a few years now. And she has not looked back ever since. She claims that yoga has spiritually inspired her. And, she wishes to inspire others by sharing her thoughts and insights on it.

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