What is OM ?

“OM is the bow, The Arrow is the Soul”.

We have all heard, chanted the word “OM,” and the Aum symbol is well, everywhere. But has anyone ever wondered what is aum, why yogis wholeheartedly chant this sound, and what is its symbolic presence?

Let’s dispel some of the mysteries about the Aum symbol for a better understanding.

What is Aum?

In Hindu tradition, the Om meditation sound is a vibration from which everything in the universe sprang into existence. When individuals chant Om, the vibrations produced correspond to the original reverberations that were present in the universe during its creation. According to the Yogic Philosophy, Om is considered as the symbol of God (Ishwara). From a yogic perspective, there is a deep connection between the speech and prana. The sound of Aum is often referred to as Pranava, that runs through breath to sustain life. A profound sound rich in meaning and depth when pronounced correctly and a representative of the four states of Supreme Being.

Steps of doing Om Chanting: Please follow the instructions carefully:

  1. Sit upright on a yoga mat with crossed legs. Keep your hands on your knees, palms down.
  2. Gently close your eyes and free yourself from any stress or distraction.
  3. With an inhalation, pronounce the word “ OM.”
  4. Then tap into the silence. Slowly repeat the sound with deep inhalations and exhalations.
  5. Chant this sacred sound for 10 minutes and then embrace silence.

When the sacred sound of OM has recited over and over again, the practitioners sense love, purity, eternity, and peace.

Given below are the benefits of OM Meditation sound:

  1. Its chanting purifies the environment around you and creates a positive atmosphere.
  2. Chanting the universal hymn of Om enhances one’s concentration.
  3. Regular chanting of the mantra purifies the body and rejuvenates the soul.
  4. Aum chanting provides better immunity and self-healing power to the practitioners.
  5. People delving into the practice of this meditation experience youthfulness and unparalleled calmness.
  6. Its sound produces vibrations that can be felt through the vocal cords and sinuses. The sound clears the air pathways by the act of opening the sinuses.
  7. The vibrations of the sound are beneficial for the practitioners, people around and wherever it flows.
  8. The mantra offers cardiovascular benefits– The mantra reduces stress which in turn results in lowering of high blood pressure and helps our heart to beat rhythmically.
  9. Its sound effectively reduces stress
  10. The vibrations of the Aum significantly impact the spinal cord and enhances the spinal strength and flexibility.
  11. It is believed that the rubbing of the hands together while chanting the sacred sound and resting those charged hands on various body organs heal the affected parts.
  12. The art of Om meditation helps practitioners surpass their emotional limitations and encourages them to act decisively.
  13. When Om mantra is chanted in a group, it charges up the whole vicinity and disperses immense positivity to everyone.
  14. It has been experienced that the internal positive and cleansed aura that comes from chanting results in a clear and glowing skin.

Om is an all-encompassing vibration of the universe that deeply affects the practitioners and brings them into a profound state of awareness.


Shruti Singh

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