Guest Post Submission

Hey, nice to see you stopping by Yoga School Blog. Since you have arrived on this page, we assume that you are interested in Yoga and would love to share your opinion about this beautiful discipline as well as your personal experiences. YSB has always been an inspiring light for those wanting to showcase their writing potential and become a guest blogger. If you have stories, ideas, and theories about Yoga that you want to share with the world, we welcome you to our portal.

Here are Some of the Questions that you Might be Looking Forward to Get the Answers of While you Write for Yoga School Blog:

What Kind Of Posts Do We Accept?

Yoga School Blog encourages you to share your stories, views, anecdotes and everything related to yoga if you have a flair for writing. Whether you are new to the world of writing or have been into the field for quite some time, we welcome you with similar love and affection. We have a varied base of visitors every day and if you can come up with interesting and intriguing pieces then, we will be happy to share your knowledge on our website.

However, before you embark on an exciting journey with us, take a look at the guest post guidelines we expect you to follow:

    • Content: We accept any piece that is related to Yoga, Yoga asanas, Meditation, Pranayama, etc. including health and fitness related to Yoga. Opinions on Yoga retreats, Yoga Teacher Training, Meditation retreats and any other Yoga programs are also welcome. You can also share posts on Ayurveda.
    • Content Standard: Content should be 100% original and written by you. Make sure your post does not have grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.
    • Word Count: We accept any posts above 700 words, although the average size of our blogs is 800-1000.
      • Photos: Send high-quality relatable photos with your submissions to make you article more attractive. If you do not have access to the sharing right of that photo, kindly use a credit name or link.
    • Format: A post written with pointers and headers is more likely to be read by readers. Also, submit guest post with short paragraphs that are easier to follow.

Guest Post Submission Process:

    • Write your blogs, stories, articles, tips, views, opinions, etc. on MS Word.
    • Do not forget to put a preferred topic for the post and your name with the email.
    • If you like to include a photo with the post, kindly attach one with the email.

Note: Include a bio of yours with the email in not more than 100 words. If you want to include any social media link with the published post, please send them also.

What Post-Submission?

After you submit your blog at Yoga School Blog, it takes our team a couple of days to analyze if your post matches with the guidelines and requirements we have shared with you. If the post is accepted by our content team, it normally takes 1-2 weeks to publish it on the website, although we do our best to publish posts as soon as possible.

We will try to publish your piece as it is however, our editorial team may bring some changes to make it fit for publication on the site. After your post gets live on, you will be notified via email for the same.

How Will It Help You?

Getting your blog published at Yoga School Blog will help you in many ways:

    • Exposure to a large community of readers with YSB.
      • You will be known as a writer by our readers as your bio and social media link will help them know more about you.
    • New writers will benefit from the practical experience of writing on a well-known portal.